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2022 Fall Program...coming August 5th.

Note to Participants: Face masks are required inside our facilities and we will continue with physical distancing measures, where possible, to help increase the comfort level for all who visit our space. Our continued measured approach to the use of our facilities is guided by our ongoing concern for the comfort, safety and well-being of our community.

Covid 19 protocols may be revised prior to the launch of our fall programming - any change to protocols will be updated on this page.


Join Alisha Pomazon to explore the belief that each of us holds within ourselves both a contemplative Monk and a creative Artist. This six-week workshop series will primarily be guided by the text in Christine Valters Paintner's book The Artist's Rule: nurturing your creative soul with monastic wisdom. Learn about and experience Lectio Divina, an ancient contemplative way of reading, slowing ourselves down in order to listen deeply. The embodied practice of creative expression allows us to fully engage in this important and soulful journey. The place where our contemplative Monk meets our creative Artist is a wonderully inviting and spiritual space.

This small group setting offers a safe and welcoming environment for exploration.

Alisha Pomazon is an assistant professor in the Religion and Culture Department at St. Thomas More College. She loves painting, designing "beautiful biblical verses," and looking at expressions of spirituality in art.

6 Tuesdays, May 17 - Jun 21 *Revised Workshop Dates

7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Workshop Fee: $145 - including Christine Valters Paintner's book The Artist's Rule: nurturing your creative sould with monasic wisdom ($23 value) and all creative materials used in class.

The Monk and Artist Within will be held in the lower level of The Refinery

Maximum 8 participants; Closed


This class will focus on developing fundamental watercolor skills. Each week, Susan Huntley, will take participants through the stages of design and composition, drawing, and painting. You will tackle a variety of subjects from landscapes and skies to still life and florals. This session is designed to build on Beginner Watercolor, be fun and inspirational, and will focus on how to relax and enjoy the creative process of watercolor.

6 Wednesdays, February 23 - March 30 *Revised Workshop Dates

10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Class Fee: $110 - materials are not included. Participants will receive a short material list at time of registration.

Watercolor II will be held in the lower level hall of The Refinery

Maximum 8 participants; Closed


Existential questions such as "Who am I?" or "What do I want?" can stop us in our tracks, which isn't helpful for increasing personal understanding or initiating change. This three-hour workshop uses creativity to bypass emotional roadblocks by combining creative prompts from Tyler Knott Gregson's wonderful book Miracle in the Mundane with the guided facilitation of an art therapist, Dianne Shannon. Participants will take home a personal copy of Miracle in the Mundane to allow the journey of 'getting to know me' to continue. No art experience is required, but a comfort using art materials is helpful. Scribblers and doodlers are welcome!

Dianne Shannon is a Registered Art Therapist with a private practice. Learn more about Dianne at

Wednesday, March 23

7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Class Fee: $45 - including a copy of Tyler Knott Gregson's book Miracle in the Mundane and all creative materials used in class.

Getting to Know Me will be held in the lower level of The Refinery

Maximum 8 participants; Closed


Join Cindy Hoppe to collage using fabric. Cindy will bring a selection of her work and will talk about her journey and her creative process. She will encourage you to play with the materials at hand and develop an idea or two that inspires you out of your own experience. Sewing machines will not be used during this workshop and no particular skills are required other than cutting, gluing, dreaming and suspending judgement. All are welcome!

Cindy Hoppe is a Saskatchewan Textile Artist. Find out more about Cindy and her work at

Saturday, April 23

10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Class Fee: $50, including materials

The Fibre of Being will be held in the lower level of Emmanuel Anglican Church

Maximum 15 participants; Closed


Paint Your Music is a unique experience creating a connection of expression between classical music and painting. Participants will create a canvas of soundscape art. You will express your own interpretation of classical music through the medium of painting. Using acrylics, brushes and canvas, you will be guided through suggested methods of painting. These methods are inspired by both musical structure and modern dance improvisation. While a pianist performs pieces encompassing various time periods of classical art music, you will see your emotional response take form on your canvas. Everyone feels music - it is sure to be a creatively beautiful experience.

Monday, May 16

7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Class Fee: $50 - including materials

Paint Your Music will be held in the upper level Theatre in The Refinery

Maximum 10 participants; Closed


Intuitive hand weaving is a contemplative process that speaks to your creative soul.

This won't be a workshop of instructions, per se, but more a time to experience the blending of wonderful textures and colors to create a beautiful and unique weave. There will be a good variety of materials to choose from, allowing you to select fibres that speak to you.

If you have fabric or fibres that you would like to use in your project, please bring them with you. It can be helpful to look through magazines to find images that you love - colors and textures found in images can help form your weave. Or you can choose to weave freely and intuitively and enjoy a surprising and unexpected result.

Saturday, June 18

12:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Class Fee: $30 - including materials

Intuitive Hand Weaving will be held in the lower level of The Refinery

Maximum 6 participants; Closed


You are an artist! Yes, you are.

This class will help you get familiar with some of the basic skills and techniques that will build your confidence and encourage you to continue building your art skills. Sometimes formal art instruction can feel intimidating to the newcomer, so let's get comfortable and take some small steps together. We will look at drawing skills and some exercises that will help you train your eye and hand, interpreting what you see onto a two-dimensional surface. Color can be confusing with an awful lot of color choices, so we will play with color and color mixing. Finally, we will put these new skills together creating a piece of artwork using...plasticine! Plasticine is a wonderul, tactile medium that is very forgiving and lot of fun!

2 Mondays - June 20 - June 27

7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Class Fee: $60 - including materials

Building Drawing and Color Skills will be held in the lower level of The Refinery

Maximum 8 participants; Closed

ZUMBA® with WENDY R. - Classes Suspended at the Refinery. See Wendy's online classes: Zumba Online

DANCE WELL WITH RUSTY with RUSTY DIXSON - Classes Suspended at Emmanuel Anglican Church.