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Financial Contributions

Along with gifts of time and talents, Emmanuel thrives through the financial contributions of our members.  Around 80% of our revenue is from such gifts.  Read more about how your financial contribution supports programs that matter, how to donate to Emmanuel, and why monthly donations using pre-authorized debit (PAD) or PayPal is the best stewardship of our resources.

Your contribution matters. 

Your gifts of time, talents, and resources, especially recurring monthly donations, matter.  All work to enable Emmanuel to thrive and grow.

Contributing together, we become better stewards of our resources and we are able to do far more than we would alone.  Thank you for your contributions to keep Emmanuel healthy and thriving.

Please contact Mojgan for additional information on ways to donate.

Stewardship Letter

In early November, the Stewardship Committee of Emmanuel drafted and sent a letter to our community. For those who did not receive a letter, we apologize. Your contact information may not have been updated. Please let Mojgan know if you did not receive a letter or if your address has changed. 

Here is that letter for you to read and consider.

We thank you for all the ways that you contribute to the health and vibrancy of Emmanuel, whether through time, talents, or treasures!