A passion for spiritual growth.

The Refinery is Emmanuel in the Community.  

Come GROW with us!

A Thinker's Tea Party

A lecture series meant to gather community and share conversation.  Join us - this is a free event and all are welcome.  Topics are eclectic and meant to intrigue, engage and inform us.

Truth, Traditions and Treaties

An event series offered by Emmanuel Anglican Church throughout 2022 through the Refinery Arts & Spirit Centre to help educate and inspire community about living as treaty people in Saskatchewan.  Join us as we learn and experience elements of Indigenous culture and grow as community.

Classes for your artistic spirit!

Enjoy a variety of unique and creative programming, designed to inspire and engage both adults and children. We are a welcoming community, hoping to share our wonderful space!

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and to register online.

Rhythms of Grace

Rhythms are an integral part of life for all living things.  Enjoy shared videos Rhythms of Grace as we reflect on the rich and spiritual meaning in the ancient Fixed-hour Prayer, Rhythm of the Hours, Daily Hours or Office.