Emmanuel, God with us!

We are a loving and inclusive Anglican faith community in Saskatoon,
committed to nurturing a creative and spiritual life.

Through our worship, music and programming, we invite you to seek God's spirit "with us".

Emmanuel is seeking a new Incumbent

Emmanuel is seeking a full time priest to serve as Incumbent. You may be attracted to this call if you are innately grounded in your faith, creative and progressive, and seeking to continually grow and learn. We invite you to speak with us about articulating and executing a new vision as the face of our parish diversifies and we grow in a faith that responds to the needs of the world today.

Our parish profile provides more information.

Part of the community

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Rhythms of Grace

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Emmanuel, God with us!

Our logo is based on biblical symbolism: the burning bush, the light of the Holy Spirit, the embrace of faith and the advent light of the world. For us, our logo reflects who we are: an embrace, a droplet of water, a flame, a seed and a spirit. The blue colour references the traditional biblical symbolism for advent and is a dominant colour in our church interior and windows. The orange gradient, symbolic of light and the Holy Spirit, reflects our energy and passion.