Emmanuel, God with us! 

We are a loving and inclusive Anglican faith community in Saskatoon, committed to nurturing a creative and spiritual life. 
Through our worship, music and programming, we invite you to seek God's spirit "with us".

We actively engage in the community and welcome you to join us in the life of the Refinery.


A New Community Share Initiative... 

We are excited to see what the community has to share, and invite you to consider what the integral rhythms are that guide you forward in your life.  

CONNECT with us

Connect with us 
find out more about our church and our people

WORSHIP with us

Worship with us 
join us for a time of worship and celebration

CARE with us

Care with us 
as we seek to be an inclusive, inviting and caring community

GROW with us

Grow with us 
experience life at the Refinery