Balancing the demands of work, life and family while staying well in the process is no small feat.  Research has shown that the practice of mindfulness is a very helpful strategy.  
Mindfulness will not eliminate the pressures of work and family life but it can help us respond to them in a calmer manner that benefits our heart, mind and body.

An introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
TUESDAY, January 9th 
7:00 - 8:30pm
by donation

Learn the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation.  Cultivate awareness of your breath and body, emotions and mind states.  While providing you with the basics of mindfulness meditation, Jennifer will also allow opportunity to address your questions and engage in discussion.  She will give some suggestions on how to develop and  continue your own practice.

Open Mind Wise Heart: Mindfulness Meditation in Practice

Jan 16 - Mar 6
7:00 - 8:30pm
Class fee is $175 for 8 weeks

Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose to thoughts, body sensations and feelings with curiosity and kindness.  It involves acceptance, meaning we pay attention to our thoughts and feelin
gs without judging them as 'right' or 'wrong'. This intentional practice of presence can be transformative with wide-reaching benefits. 

This 8-week course includes meditation instruction, support for establishing a daily practice, inquiry exercises to enhance awareness, discussion and home assignments.  
You will also receive a CD and handouts to take home.

Exploring Mindfulness and Self-Compassion: A Day in Practice

SATURDAY, Feb 24th
10am - 4pm
Class fee is $80
Lunch not included

Come and learn how to rest in the heart of ease and loving presence.  Drawing on practices of mindfulness and loving kindness, join Jennifer in exploring the transformational power of meditation.  Discover how the weaving together of loving kindness and mindfulness supports us in healing and living a joyful, vital and compassionate life.  

Please bring whatever would make you comfortable such as a cushion, shawl or blanket, as well as lunch for the hour-long break.  Comfortable chairs are provided.

Mindful Aging: Waking up to the Possibilities
Jan 14, 21 & 28; Feb 4, 18 & 25
7:00 - 9:00pm
Class fee is $175 for 6 weeks

Join in this exploration of the challenges and opportunities that the transition of aging offers.  Using mindfulness and other reflective and spiritual practices, sharing and discussion, we will support each other in facing the changes in our body, our relationships, our roles and identities, and our sense of spirituality and morality.

Meditation will be held  in the upstairs theatre of The Refinery


Bring your body and mind together in the rhythm of life.  Zumba® is a dance-based fitness program that uses Latin and World music.  Slow and fast rhythms help to tone the body and at the same time provide interval training that can boost aerobic fitness.  
Experience the joy of movement with Wendy, a licensed Zumba® instructor with a long background in dance-based activities.

medium to high intensity
6 week session Jan 8 - Feb 12
10 week session Feb 26 - Apr 30

low to medium intensity
6 week session  Jan 10- Feb 14
10 week session Feb 21- Apr 25

Class prices 
6 week session - once per week $48; twice per week $84
10 week session - once per week $80; twice per week $140
(or $10 drop-in fee)
Zumba will be held  in the upstairs theatre of The Refinery

Monika Kinner-Whalen is a professional fibre artist specializing in freestyle embroidery.  Her creations are expressions of her love for the prairies and often originate from her own personal photographs of Saskatchewan.  She is constantly amazed at the texture and intricate beauty that can be achieved by working with threads.  Self-taught in needle arts and photography, she has been practicing, exploring, and combining these two disciplines full-time since 2009.

During the three sessions with Monika, she will teach you a sampling of hand embroidery techniques.  Traditional stitches and their variations will be artfully practiced in circular patterns of colour and texture, to create your own personal Mandala with thread and cloth.

9:30am -noon
Jan 17, 24, 31
Class fee is $80
plus $10 for supplies *
*payable to the instructor on the first day

Monika's class will be held  in the basement Gallery of The Refinery

HAND STITCHED ART (for ages 10-13 years)
Create your own pixelated design and spend the afternoon hand stitching your own embroidered art.  Learn basic hand stitching techniques with Monika.  Art will be mounted onto a card, or matted.  All materials will be provided.
1:00 - 4:00pm
February 23
Class fee is $40*
*includes supplies and snack 

Monika's class will be held  in the basement Gallery of The Refinery